On the 12th day of Christmas:

12 Winter Bloomers! (not underpants)

The fact we still have roses blooming in January shows how much more mild our average winter temperatures are these days but at least we had a bit of rain in time for the garden to greet 2022.

My Epiphany, after these 12 Days of Christmas:

Find something (or 3 things or 12 things) that makes you happy (or silly or thankful) every single day.



Happy New Year!

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On the 11th Day of Christmas:

11 Fuchsia Blossoms!

Despite a week of lovely, much-needed rain and cool temps, we are back to mild, dry, sunny days and as long as I water them, the fuchsia are thrilled!

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On the 10th day:

10 Family Stockings!

Everyone must have a stocking at the Merry Mischief Mansion.

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On the 9th day of Christmas:

9 Festive Snaps!

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On the 8th day:

8 Rescue Bulldogs! (and my awesome Dad)

29+ years of no regrets and pure comfort & joy 🙂

For your very own with whom to ring in The New Year: https://socalbulldogrescue.org

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On the 7th day of Christmas:

Seven swans-a-swimming!

I cannot resist incorporating themes into decorating, even something as ridiculous as holiday garden blow-ups.

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On the 6th day:

Six Rattie Brothers!

Five of these little boys are angels now but we still have Gumdrops (one of the gray hoodies) with us to cuddle and I will forever cherish their picture-perfect, joyful curiosity 🙂

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On the 5th day of Christmas:

Five Crimson Leaves!

Our native California grapevine puts on a spectacular show by turning bright crimson in late autumn and decorates our evergreen podacarpus for early winter.

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On the fourth day:

Four Fancy Cupcakes!

There is nothing like home-made goodies from a friend to brighten the holidays 🙂

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On the 3rd day of Christmas:

Three monarch worms!

These guys were out in our mild early December weather and there is actually a little 4th one in the frame but he is well camouflaged.

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